The Boom Booms

Action Transport Theatre’s Family Festival brings a variety of art forms to Ellesmere Port annually – storytelling, theatre, film, craft workshops, digital escape rooms and more. 2018’s festival brought a unique street theatre group and turned a grey day into one which filled the Port Arcades shopping mall and surrounding streets with laughter. The Boom Booms, with their outrageous non-verbal comedy style burst onto the streets and into shops and businesses. Great communicators, they encouraged everyone they met to join in the hilarity. Star of the day was a pensioner who called her daughter in New York with ‘You’ll never guess what’s happening in The Port!’ and promptly showed her the video she’d captured on her iPhone! The power of Art, eh?

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  1. David Selzer

    I’ve looked at these photos on a number of occasions, and each time they make me smile! They are so full of

  2. Sylvia Selzer

    Thanks David! Your comments are always appreciated.

  3. Tricia Durdey

    Lovely to see that you’re posting your vibrant photo stories again. So much richness, vigour and joy. Thank you.

  4. Sylvia Selzer

    Thanks,Tricia! It’s down to you that I’ve got going again! It was so dispiriting when the site was interfered with that it took a push from you to get going again – and the work of Sam Hutchinson @ DESIGN/DYLUNIO spending hours replacing photos and text..

  5. John Chapman

    The way you capture emotion is the key for me, a split second makes all the difference and you certainly know just when to action that shutter. I love your manipulation of focus to further dramatise shots.
    Lovely to see your site up and running again.
    John Chapman

    • Sylvia Selzer

      Thank you for your kind comments John. Good to have the eye of another photographer looking at my work and appreciating what what I do.

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