Gogo – a play made in England and South Africa – Part 2

Following the development of the play and inclusion of design elements in South Africa and then rehearsals at Action Transport Theatre‘s base at Whitby Hall,  GOGO played  nationally, premiering at the Unicorn Theatre, London – the UK’s national theatre for children.

The designer for GOGO was London based Caroline Thaw.  Set  build was by Mike Francis and Caroline. Lighting design was also by Mike Francis. Music by composer Mark Melville.

Two continents, two theatre companies and the story of GOGO is complete.

GOGO was dedicated to Gogo Ma Mngomezulu and the late Gogo Sue Welshman with love and respect.

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  1. Gail Young

    Such a vibrant set of pictures Sylvia ! Absolutely love them

    • Sylvia Selzer

      Thanks, Gail, for taking the time to look at and comment on my work amid the busy creativeness of your own life!

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